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Jane Boyes
Brand consultant and designer


I'm a brand professional with decades of experience helping organisations become more visible, meaningful and valuable through the vehicles of brand and design.

For more about my career history visit my LinkedIn profile.

I'm the creator of Brand Blueprint - a modular framework designed to demystify brand design. 

Be the best tiger in the jungle.

Brand Blueprint

©2023 Brand Blueprint

I get a kick out of

Capturing the spirit of an organisation, finding and articulating the one thing that makes it unique, from which it can begin to claim a territory of its own.

Brand is the bridge between business strategy and design.

I strive to establish

Three characteristics that I believe are essential for a brand to be successful



Be genuine to be believable

For people to invest in a brand it first has to be believable. It has to feel genuine and true to itself, consistently demonstrating its values and purpose.



Be more than a transaction

To foster deeper, lasting relationships with customers, brands need to talk about something meaningful - a purpose beyond making money.



Be beautifully succinct

To grab people's attention and inspire them to know more, a brand needs to articulate what it's about - succinctly, effortlessly and beautifully. 

I like to work with

Organisations which are purpose led and are brave enough to show their true colours. I don't limit myself to specific sectors, but below are areas in which I have experience.

Arts and culture

Public bodies, education, art centres, galleries, artists, designers and makers.

Social good

Social enterprises, charities, third sector, community groups.


Nature, environment, conservation, renewable energy, climate change.

More about how I work

Visit Brand Blueprint to read more about my approach designing brands

Each tiger's stripe pattern is one of a kind. Together we can design your stripes and make them stand out - authentically, beautifully and meaningfully.

To each project I bring

A blend of roles, beliefs, and skills:


Observe with curiosity and listen with empathy to understand an organisation in all its dimensions.


Tease out the truth to articulate and illuminate the story that lies at the heart of an organisation.


Master of the craft of design. Embedding design within thinking and practice.


Create a work dynamic based on openess, co-creation and partnership.


Carefully distill down attributes and characteristics into a unique brand essence.


Plant seeds that cultivate authentic, own-able brand identities that can grow into reputations with roots.


Map the way forward so everyone is on the same page, believing in the same purpose and can name the destination.


Curate images, colours, fonts, personalities, moods, tones, perceptions and ultimately impressions known as brands. 

Gold digger

Digging for the one thing that sets an organisation apart, continually hunting for for it until it is found or created.

Why brand matters

A brand determines if, and how an organisation is seen. It directly influences how people see, think and feel about it - shaping its reputation and building connections with the people it wishes to engage with.

Benefits on the outside 

  • Creates visibility in the market and enables organisations to shape their reputation

  • Crafts a distinctive voice that embodies authenticity and communicates purpose

  • Expresses a personality that inspires, informs and resonates

  • Presents a consistent and cohesive identity that encourages recognition and recall

  • Builds customer identification, trust and loyalty over the longer term

Benefits on the inside

  • Provides a clear identity, common purpose and sense of belonging for employees

  • Gives an alternative lens through which to consider commercial decisions

  • Puts an organisation in a stronger more impactful position when it comes to recruiting talent

How does it work?

There are three core phases to designing a brand:

Step 1 - Strategy

Brand strategy is born from business strategy and is effectively the research and intelligence behind a brand. It provides a foundation, orientation and road map from which to create a strategically informed brand identity.

Step 2- Identity

A brand identity is all about how an organisation looks, feels and sounds by design. It's the image and personality that's crafted to leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers, enabling an organisation to be seen, and understood, while simutaenously empowering it to fulfil its purpose and achieve its goals.

Step 3 - Application

Brand touch-points are the 'things' applications, communications and customer experiences on which a brand is applied and from which it is expressed.

What people have to say

Visit my LinkedIn profile for testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Jane twice at SSE and have hugely valued her ability to offer both strategic brand thinking as well as practical design expertise. She is a great team player, has the ability to drive brand projects forwards and collaborates effectively with stakeholders across multiple business areas.

Recently she has skilfully led the development of a refreshed brand identity for SSE and engaged designers, agencies, marketing leads and senior stakeholders in the journey from conception to launch, steering the design team in the development of brand guidelines and assets and establishing a new digital platform for workflow management. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane for any strategic brand role in the future.

Suzie Rook
Head of Brand and Design

Sector | Corporate Energy

We engaged with Jane to develop a campaign identity to launch our a new programme and would thoroughly recommend her services. Jane worked with us very closely taking on board all of our points and provided invaluable input pulling together both a cohesive visual identity, overarching message and tone of voice. Nothing was ever a bother and Jane was always on hand.

Jo Seagrave
Events & Marketing Manager
Community Enterprise in Scotland

Sector | Social Enterprise

Jane a highly creative, personable and professional. She really took the time to understand who we were as an organisation and our ambitions and vision for the future. Each stage of the design process was clearly mapped out, with Jane distilling our thoughts and ideas into a great brand that we’re really proud of. 

Phil Mestecky 
Development Manager
Strathearn Arts

Sector | Arts and culture

Certified Brand Specialist


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