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Module 05/


Digging for your brand's raw materials.

Distill down 
to an essence 
of unique clarity.

An identity as unique as your fingerprint.

Strong brands do good design - consistently.

Building momentum
and connection

Tending your brand for growth.


Module 05 turns your brand into a platform from which to mobilise your brand pitch and messaging - ultimately creating an interface for customers, partners and employees to connect, identify and engage with. 

What you get

Message matrix

Value and impact

  • Raises brand awareness internally and externally

  • Activates brand enagement and mobilises your message

  • Builds your brand's presence and momentum 

Snapshots and examples

Sketch of a brand campaign process

External brand campaign

Social media campaign

Internal brand campaign

Sketch of embedding your brand internally

Take away

Message bank

A bank of headlines and sentiments for employees to draw upon when communicating about your business, ensuring your messaging and tone of voice is both consistent and true to your brand.


Tone of voice workshop

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