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Module 03/


Digging for your brand's raw materials.

Distill down 
to an essence 
of unique clarity.

An identity as unique as your fingerprint.

Strong brands do good design - consistently.

Building momentum
and connection

Tending your brand for growth.


Module 03 designs your brand's identity. A visceral translation of Module 02 - a portrait that embodies the spirit, character and sentiments of your business designed to form an impression in the minds of your customers through a distinctive recipe of images, colours, fonts, moods, emotions and tones.

What you get

A brand identity 

Production ready brand assets

Style guide

Value and impact

  • Translates the results from the discovery and articulate modules into a visual language

  • Determines the creative direction of your brand and how its personality will be expressed

  • Begins to build your brand into a tangible, recognisable asset that your business can claim and own

Snapshots and examples

Sketch of a brand's visual identity

What do we want people to feel? What do we want people to think? We need to evoke a sense of:

Feels like examples
Logo example

Sketch of visual identity concept

Brand visual identity - using a concept / device example

Take away

Style guide

Ensures any design work you commission for your business is in true alignment with your brand.


Mood board

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