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Module 02/


Digging for your brand's raw materials.

Distill down 
to an essence 
of unique clarity.

An identity as unique as your fingerprint.

Strong brands do good design - consistently.

Building momentum
and connection

Tending your brand for growth.


Module 02 takes the raw materials captured in Module 01 and begins to craft your brand's pitch. Distilling the story and characteristics that lie at the heart of your business into a unique essence - a concise elevator pitch that will both inspire and ring true, empowering you to introduce your business to customers, partners, employees and investors with clarity and confidence.

What you get

Pitch pack

Identity design brief

Value and impact

  • Sets your pitch and defines your position in the market

  • Articulates your brand's values, purpose, vision and character traits

  • Ensures the development your brand's identity is strategically informed

  • Links and aligns your brand's identity with your brand's pitch via a design brief

Snapshots and examples

Sketch of the concept of a brand essence

Brand spirit example

Brand behaviours example
Brand purpose example

Take away

Pitch pack & design brief

Capturing the strategy, thinking and essence behind your brand, the pitch pack helps you introduce your business to investors, customers and employees. Bundled with the pitch pack is a design brief - the first step on your brand design journey. The design brief feeds your pitch into the brand design process, ensuring your brand's identity is strategically informed as well as beautifully designed.


Multi media pitch

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